New book about Bowel and bladder disorders - Shit happens by Madeleine Stenius

This book has been written to give those of you who have an injury or a sickness that affects the spinal cord, a complete picture of how you can have a normal well-functioning life despite the physical impairment that is called neurogenic bladder and bowel. It is also written for those people in the periphery (staff, carers) to increase awareness about this ungla- morous subject which is often surrounded by taboos.

After an injury to the spinal cord, the body will encounter many problems and these are not limited to reduced sensation or paralysis.The worst that can happen is not to end up in a wheelchair, as so many people think. Most people consider that losing control over the bladder and the bowels is the hardest part to deal with.

Over 80% of people with injuries to the spinal cord have
problems with urinating and defecating and this can all too easily
take up a great deal of time and thought. If you defecate or urinate in your pants, your world is turned upside down and you may be one of many people who don’t dare to leave the house again! These problems can continue for years and no one thinks of getting help, as there is a tendency to feel that this is how things will be from now on. Unaware of other solutions, many people use incontinence pads although these can be avoided using the right routine. Bowel and bladder function can also worsen with the years or after a relapse. It is always a good idea to go through a cause-symptom procedure to get back to a comfortable toilet routine again.

Having control over bodily functions is a basic requirement for rebuilding confidence and leading an active social life with work/studies and family.

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